The Importance of HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

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Air ducts are one of the most critical components of HVAC systems. The network of ducts acts as the passageway of air around the system, serving two purposes: bringing in filtered and conditioned air while expelling unconditioned air from the inside. Given its important role, it is crucial that air ducts are kept in top […]

HVAC Certifications for Technicians: Why Is It Important?

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The HVAC industry is not as simple as it may seem. While many jobs only require you to complete one degree to be eligible for employment, this is not the case with HVAC professionals. Having the aptitude and the desire to learn is not enough. Several states and many prospective employers will require you to […]

How To Remove Molds in the Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners are pretty much left unused during fall and winter. During this time, the insides of your air conditioning unit, which will be damp, dirty, and dark, will provide the perfect environment for mold to proliferate. It is why the moment you turn on your AC after not being used for a long time, […]

What You Should Know About Propane Heaters

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Propane is an energy source generally considered safe, clean, and reliable. Commonly known as LPG or liquefied petroleum gas, propane is also colorless and non-toxic. Normally used to heat water and space, propane likewise serves as fuel for forklifts and farm irrigation machines. Propane autogas has been developed as well to power regular automobiles. When […]

What Is HVAC and What Does It Do?

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The difference between HVAC units and air conditioners is a common area of confusion for many homeowners. Although the two are distinct, people are often confused as to what distinguishes one from the other. The confusion is further exacerbated by the fact that many contractors and builders use HVAC and air conditioners interchangeably. This blurs […]

7 Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

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The radiant floor heating system uses heat when warming the floor, rather than settling for baseboard heaters or air ducts. It normally has a higher upfront cost than other systems because it requires hot water piping and wiring that will be installed under the floor. In exchange, however, you can enjoy increased comfort and better […]

5 Reasons for a Leaking Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners are essential in every home. They offer more than just keeping you cool and comfortable, but they can also provide us with a better quality of life in our homes as they reduce humidity, keep your home safe from outdoor elements and pests, and ensure better indoor air quality. Leaking Air Conditioner However, […]

What Is a Thermostat and How Does It Work?

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In the last two decades, Americans have experienced more temperature variation than at anytime in history. Our summers are becoming hotter and our winters colder. As a result, we have become even more dependent on our HVAC air conditioning systems. Many Americans rely on HVAC air conditioning systems to stay comfortable and maintain a healthy […]

Common Air Conditioner Problems

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The summer of 2022 is producing record high temperatures across America, and more people rely on HVAC air conditioning systems to cool their homes and other indoor environments. Summertime is, traditionally, a fun time when Americans enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, bike riding, visiting the playground, or enjoying a picnic. However, once you have […]

How to Keep a Healthy Air Conditioner This Summer

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Air conditioners have become household necessities to keep us cool, especially during the summer season when the scorching heat of the sun can become unbearable. ACs, however, are also susceptible to summer heat damage. It is thus crucial that you perform air conditioner maintenance when the hot summer months come around. 12 Air Conditioner Tips […]