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Santa Clara, CA

Having a dependable HVAC service contractor in the Santa Clara, CA, area is essential to keeping your home's temperature right.

California’s Santa Clara attracts tourists through its fun family activities and historical sites. While it is best to visit from June to September for its warm weather, Santa Clara also experiences cold winter nights for around three months. The temperature here can get as high as 80°F in the summer and as low as 43°F in the winter.

The locals know that having an HVAC system in Santa Clara, CA, is a necessity no matter the building. For both summer and winter seasons, the HVAC system regulates the heat, air conditioning, and ventilation to ensure the indoor atmosphere is comfortable regardless of the weather.

While the importance of correct HVAC installation in the Santa Clara, CA, area is beneficial to know, consulting a professional HVAC company in the Santa Clara, CA, area like DunRite Heating & Air Inc. will help you make the right decisions.

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How To Choose a Good HVAC System

Choosing the best system based on your available space will save you from costly warm and cold months. Check whether your house can accommodate indoor and outdoor units and if you need a zone-controlled or a centralized system. A small unit can’t efficiently cool or heat a room.

A higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) also provides more indoor comfort, higher energy savings, and greater efficiency. Just be sure to keep it regularly maintained as dictated by the manual. Some units have additional features to simplify the HVAC system’s usage, so keep them in mind.

Things To Keep In Mind

1. A minor malfunction isn’t always a signal to replace the entire HVAC system. Have it checked by a trusted HVAC repair service in the Santa Clara, CA, area to avail of affordable repair instead of costly replacement.

2. Price shouldn’t be a deciding factor. While there are inexpensive options, check for efficiency and longevity. If you choose based on price alone, you might end up replacing the unit if it doesn’t perform as you anticipated.

Picking the most appropriate HVAC system is just as essential as choosing the best HVAC company for installation, repair, and maintenance.

Warning Signs That You Need Your HVAC Checked

A malfunctioning air conditioner causes inconvenience to the homeowners and poses health risks in the heat.
A cause of dust buildup is a lack of cleaning maintenance. While this sounds easy to address, a costly meltdown can occur if the unit is not maintained correctly.
This is a frustrating sign that the thermostat or its related components may be experiencing problems.
Several factors can cause a water leak from your HVAC unit. For the furnace, it could be the internal drainage or humidifier. On the other hand, for the air conditioner, it may be a clogged drain, frozen evaporation coils, damaged parts, or a refrigerant leak.
Strange sounds are clear indications of internal wear and tear.

Do You Need to Repair or Replace?

If your HVAC system encounters problems, does it need to be repaired or replaced?

Repair is usually the better option with relatively new systems and units. However, it may be more beneficial to replace older HVAC systems as they tend to be less effective in catching pollutants and might struggle to control the temperature.

At DunRite, we always assess the unit properly and won’t suggest needless replacement if repair is still a viable option.

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