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New Equipment Installation

  1. The legitimacy of the contractor. Our consumer protection page on this site can help you make that decision.
  2. Experience of the contractor, and even more important, the experience of the installers that will do your work.
  3. Is the contractor focused on what they do, or are they doing any type of work just to make a buck? (Jack of all trades, master of none)

Don’t be fooled into one brand name of equipment being superior to other brands of equipment. The reality is, if one brand is far superior to all others, that manufacturer would sell all the HVAC products.

All HVAC equipment is essentially the same components in a different box. Manufactures warranties are comparable.

More efficient does not necessarily mean better or more reliable. High-efficiency heating or air conditioning equipment normally has more moving, breakable parts. This is not a major concern as long as the equipment is under warranty, but eventually, the warranty expires, and everything mechanical eventually breaks: the fewer moving parts, the fewer repairs in the future.
If it is serious damage, the mistake should be covered by the contractor’s liability insurance. If it is minor damage, the restitution can normally be worked out between the homeowner and the contractor. The negotiation process will probably be quite smooth if the contractor has not been pre-paid. In any business transaction, whoever has the money has control. Do not pay until the job is finished.
Your home should be left as clean, if not cleaner, than its state before they arrived. All material and garbage should be taken away.

Maintaining My Equipment

Annually. Have your A/C serviced in spring before the need for it arises in summer. Have your heater serviced in the fall before you need it in winter. If you have your equipment serviced during mild weather, normally, the cost is lower.
If you have heating, only twice a year. If you have heating and air conditioning, you should change your filters every three months.
Yes, there are several different solutions that can make changing your filters a simple task. The easier it is to do, the more often you will do it.
Yes, you get what you pay for.
Yes, there are several remedies for a noisy system.