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Servicing, repairing, and installing HVAC in Los Altos, CA, does not have to be expensive, and we're here to prove it!

Los Altos holds long, clear summers from late June to late September. Despite its hot climate being longer than rainy days, its high temperature is still considered cooler than most places in California. With this, Los Altos is also known as one of the most comfortable places to be in the state.

What better way to make your home more comfortable than to ensure a well-maintained HVAC in Los Altos, CA? If you’re looking for infallible solutions for HVAC repair in the Los Altos area, look no further than our experts at DunRite Heating & Air, Inc.

Serving in the industry for several years, our dedicated team ensures a smooth-flowing repair and maintenance process to get your unit in optimal condition quickly. With our help, you can have honest, effective solutions that fit your needs and your budget.

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Some Signs that Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair or Replacement

How do you know if your HVAC system is not working properly or is in need of replacement? When is the right time to call reliable HVAC contractors in Los Altos, CA?

1. Warm Air

Given the arid environment in the city, experts for HVAC installation in Los Altos, CA, see to it that your AC units keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. If there’s warm air coming out of your AC unit, make sure to switch your thermostat to cooling mode and set it lower than the temperature outdoors.

However, if your HVAC still fails to blow cool air, it may be either due to a compressor issue or restricted airflow. Thus, you should call expert HVAC contractors in Los Altos, CA, for assistance.

2. Loud, Unusual Noises

To maximize comfort for users, most HVAC air conditioning systems are designed to make minimal noises when starting up, running, and shutting down. However, if you hear sudden, loud, and uncommon noises – like squealing, rattling, or scraping – these may be signs of surrounding issues with your cooling system, particularly its belt operating out of place inside your HVAC unit.

To avoid more costly damage or even a need for replacement, contact an expert for HVAC repair in Los Altos, CA, immediately.

3. Unpleasant Odors

An HVAC system should not smell awful when running. If you confirm that the unpleasant odor comes from your unit, consider having the issue fixed as early as possible, as this may even be a sign of mold growth or possibly a burned-out wire inside the unit or ductwork.

Part of HVAC services in Los Altos, CA, involves an immediate professional diagnosis of the problem, as the unpleasant smell can also get you and your family sick. The diagnosis will inform the HVAC expert if your air conditioning system needs a complete cleaning service, a tune-up, or a more advanced solution.

4. Water Leaks

Moisture leaking in or around your AC system is a problem that can indicate a refrigerant leak. Many air conditioners rely on refrigerants for their cooling functions and condensation as they operate. However, these should not pile up or leak inside your home, as water leaks can lead to serious structural issues and pose health risks. Therefore, you should not wait before calling for HVAC service in Los Altos, CA, for help.

5. High Humidity

Spring and summer times in Los Altos, CA, can give you a sticky feeling indoors if your HVAC system is not moderating humidity levels accordingly. One of the main functions of HVAC systems is to reduce the amount of humidity inside your home. Thus, if your AC is not maintaining moisture levels within a comfortable range, you need to call for HVAC repair in Los Altos, CA.

Why Choose DunRite Heating & Air, Inc.?

With years of experience in the industry, our company has established itself as a reliable and notable HVAC company in the Los Altos, CA, area. Our team aims to promote professionalism and education when it comes to servicing, repairing, and installing HVAC heating and air conditioning systems. Our philosophy at DunRite is not to simply sell equipment but to achieve customer satisfaction by getting all repair and installment services accomplished on time. For inquiries, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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