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During cold seasons, having a heating system that properly functions is essential.

For about a century, Trane has been a leader in residential heating and cooling systems. Now a subsidiary of American Standard, many models of Trane furnaces continue to be installed in homes across the local area on a regular basis. This is because the Trane brand has developed a proven reputation for dependability and quality over the years. While Trane furnaces are designed with longevity and durability in mind, with regular use, the need for repairs for your Trane heater will inevitably arise. Some repair issues may become more pronounced over time, and some may seemingly appear out of the blue. If your home requires Trane heater repair in the Bay Area, contact DunRite Heating & Air, Inc. to schedule an appointment.

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Reliable Services for Units Even Decades Old

DunRite Heating & Air, Inc. provides furnace repairs on most makes and models of furnaces–this includes newer as well as older models. Whether your Trane system was installed last year or decades ago, DunRite can provide you with reliable and affordable repair services. Should you decide to have a replacement for your old heating system at home, DunRite provides Trane heater installation services as well.

Having been in the industry for 49 years, we remain as one of the leading providers of top-notch services for Trane heaters.

On-time Services

Because DunRite offers on-time repair services, you will enjoy the ability to have your system repaired when you call us for service. When you make your appointment for Trane heater repair in the Bay Area with DunRite, one of our experienced technicians will travel to your home as scheduled.

We understand that problems with heating systems may arise anytime, so expect that we’ll arrive on time to fix the problem and address your other concerns.

Services Offered at Affordable Rates

We strive to provide competitive quotes for all repair services, and many types of repairs are able to be completed on-site during the initial appointment. In addition, you will enjoy obtaining an up-front quote for the service you need, and you may find great coupons and special offers through our website that can be used to save money on many types of services.

Our repair, maintenance, and installation services are not limited to the Trane brand only. We can also help you fix your heating system from other brands such as Lennox, American Standard, Coleman, Day & Night, Payne, Amana, and more.

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During winter, a heating system that keeps you warm is essential. So, do not wait until your heating system problems get worse. If you feel like there is something wrong with your Trane heater or if you feel like buying and installing a new one, seek help from professionals immediately!

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